Interior Stylist - Visual Merchandiser - Photographer.

 I love to create spaces that can remain in the time generating a dialogue between the concept and the space

Materials, color and form are the nexus between space and idea.
Each area requires its own personality and the appropriate objects for each of them, without disconnecting them from each other. Everything has to live in the same harmony.

My aesthetics is based mainly on minimalism in the details, eliminating the excess of everything that is left over and unbalanced. Looking for the balance that connects between each space.
My design references are the Scandinavian and Japanese world
The correct use of materials and their environment are my greatest concern, that each piece fits in a subtle and elegant way.

Set designer:
Conceptualize the product and generate around a story that


Collaborator of internationally renowned brands, founder of a popular blog with a minimal aesthetic that difusses product design, interior design, architecture, generating content and publicity for these disciplines.