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Hello everyone! Is 2019 and my propose for this year is to share with you some of my interior tips!
Today Im going to star with, The light and the amount of light that each room must have. Each room and each space has its own personality and needs a different illumination.

In the design market there are companies that understand this principle and give us an infinity of designs and styles for our projects. So we just have to consider what our home needs.

Be clear that the room and the bedroom need a different amount of light is essential.

I always recommend to my clients to visualize their day to day and choose in consequence of what kind of ligh needs. 
It is necessary to find the right silhouette and the amount of light emanating from each design. up, down, in both directions or sideways.

Today I give you some wonderful examples and different spaces where they are more appropriate.

The lamp Caravaggio de @fritzhansenansen designed by @ceciliemanz , is perfect for a bedroom, provides a calm and fantastic lighting. In this space where what we need is to rest. The Light it provides is undoubtedly ideal to generate an atmosphere of absolute peace and very pleasant. In addition to its elegant silhouette that allows us to move its top in two different directions to project the light where we prefer.

The next lamp is ideal for kid's room

The Volume table lamp designed by @gamfratesi is another example of a lighting designed to provide us comfort. medium or stronger light. suitable for kid's room where we can deliver different alternatives as needed.

The following is a sculptor work of art the core table lamp by @newworksdk designed by Runa Klock
It is special for the living room, even on a pedestal where it will generate a light effect that will reach all the corners of our space. It has a spectacular power that emanates down and does not bother.

The last and precious lamp is eight on eight, by @louiseroecph 
A beautiful silhouette that gives us the Light that we want because we choose the bulb. This table Lamp provides a beautiful light for any room. Very soft and subtle.