Sørensen HQ by Norm Architects

yv goya blog

yv goya blog

Those natural tones that brings elegance, simplicity and a sensation of calm.

The separation of the spaces with long curtains envolve the privacy and give an aspect of a movie scenario.

Is a beautiful Interior project. without a doubt an a ideal place to work.

Again Norm CPH, inspire us with this project for Søensen Leather.

“This fall, we completed the interior of Sørensen Leather’s new HQ outside Aarhus, DK. Here, leather creates a calm sense of cohesion on furniture and beyond—as a soothing tactile surface throughout the interior. Adding an unspoken elegance that engages your senses, leather is an ideal material for all kinds of elements in the décor itself.”

A big congrats to Laura Bilde, for this stunning Project