Elegant full of style, unique, unmistakable and timeless, This is Perspective Studio.

Perspective studio is, calm, subtle with an exquisite atmosphere. Corners full of charisma and poetry. A sensational curation of high quality objects and furniture, a inspirational new experience, a different way to buy. Each piece conveys me desire to have it at home.

Who's behind Perspective Studio?

Behind the concept stands duo Robin Klang and Ejub Bicic. Robin comes from the fashion industry and latest from H & M, where he worked as a buyer for the company's men collection. Before that Robin was working as a blogger and stylist where male fashion was in focus.


Ejub is a designer and works with digital products. He has been an entrepreneur all his life and is driven by the love for the digital but also the craft of creating things by hand.


What is the idea behind the Perspective Studio?

At Perspective Studio, each product is carefully selected and only a few of each item is brought into the store. Instead of filling in with the same products, the goal is to constantly surprise the customer with  news value.

The objects history plays a major role at Perspective. Its important that things speak to us and that our customer feels unique with their purchase or visit.


What will you be able to find at Perspective?

The concept is based on a hand-picked mix of art, furniture, antiques, high-end objects and lifestyle products like perfumes or plants.

International known brands like Cinnamon Projects, Oliver Gregoire, Mad et Len, Workstead and Gubi are mixed with brand new creators. The store's studio also produced their own furniture and artwork.

In the online shop you will find a deeper range than that are displayed in the store. There, visitors can find inspiration and get an experience similar to the physical store.

Thank you Robin for let us know more about your beautiful store.

Waiting impatiently for the opening of his online-shop