I am a big fan of the Scandinavian countries
I admire such a respectful way of treating its citizens, from their state policies to their way of doing the design, of how to sell a house. 
Today I want to talk about this. Of how to acquire your own home, a great step for any person who embarked on this trip so difficult and so overwhelming.
In most of the countries houses are shown at prices exorbitant without even remodeling them, full of furniture, without personality and with a disdain of the proprietors to make more attractive their houses.

When I meet Entrance, I thought this is the way, this is how things have should be done.
Not only because their homes are remodeled and decorated with an amazing taste and elegance, also because they show how important takes its work and how respect to their customers,profesionalisim and responsibility.

Delight and inspire you with this work of decoration and restoration. Entrance